Worried About Hair Damage After Your Color Treatment? Follow This Guide For Fabulous Looking Hair!

Color-treated hair fades with time. There isn’t any hard and fast rule when this happens but the result is usually not a sight for sore eyes. Hair damage is another major concern. Of course, it’s the last thing on your mind sitting in a high chair at the salon. Hair fall and damage doesn’t make an appearance until after the first few washes, mixed with bleeding color.

Your hair is worth the extra trouble. Follow this simple guideline for beautiful and luscious color treated hair.

Pay Attention to Pre-Color Care

Few people’s hair color lasts longer and better. The reason is attention to pre-color care i.e. advice followed before coloring to prevent hair damage. Deep conditioning hair is recommended at least daily. Using natural hair conditioning masks is another option. The goal is to prevent chemical usage as much as possible for at least one month before coloring. Not only will this prevent excess color damage but renew your hair from heat and other damage already incurred.

Turn Down Water Temperature When Shampooing

Wash your hair in lukewarm or cooler water temperatures especially when shampooing. Super hot water causes color to bleed faster from hair. This speeds color fading as dye molecules are exposed to hot water on the surface.

Another solution is to skip shampoo from time to time. Opting Express Conditioner Treatment on color treated hair will promote intensive care and moisture to hair strands unlike harsh shampoos. Natomy Beauty also offers pre-pack treatment for color treated hair.  

Maintain a Healthy Diet for Fabulous Looking Hair

How hair looks and feels has everything to do with your diet. It’s the nutrients from a well-balanced diet that promote healthy looking hair. Iron rich proteins for your scalp and hair strands are effective in building strong keratin. Hair is strengthened and growth and texture is stimulated using protein by consuming:

  • Lean meat
  • Egg whites
  • Fish
  • Low-fat cheeses
  • Soy
  • Spinach

Snack on vegetables, grains, fruits and nuts in between daily meals.

Avoid Excessive Heat Styling

Excessive use of heat styling tools such as flatiron, blow-dryer, or curler will damage your hair more than hair color. It’s recommended to spray on a heat protector from roots to ends before styling your hair with these tools. How will it help protect your color treated hair? Spaying on a high quality heat protector helps seal cuticle and color inside. This ensures color doesn’t fade with excessive usage!

Color-treating hair is one way people express their individuality. Make sure this doesn’t damage your hair any further by using Natomy Beauty’s treatment for color-treated hair.  

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