Looking For The Perfect Hair Stylist For Your Hair? Let This Guide Help You

What is harder than finding the perfect guy? Many women will agree; finding the perfect hairdresser is near impossible!


Most can’t even count on both hands the number of times they had to walk out a salon with an accidental bob or botched bangs.


Finding the perfect hairstylist just isn’t possible! But wait, you won’t know until you don’t try. Follow these simple instructions and find your ideal hairstylist.

Social Media Will Help

People’s lives have changed dramatically in more ways than one, thanks to social media applications like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Women can make use of social media to find a good referral for a hairstylist, within minutes of asking! People like to share important information like this, so asking even a general question will give you numerous leads to follow.   

Communication is Key

Some people have really close relationships with their hairstylists which is how it should be. It’s after all your hair!


Like in all relationships, good communication is the secret to a good and happy partnership. You are basically looking to hire someone who will take care of your hair; they need to understand your style. Communicate openly. Look for another professional if you have trouble relaying your requests.


Scheduling an initial consultation can help prior to any big makeover. This will also give you an opportunity to discuss your options, requests and concerns in regards to hair styling. The stylist needs to inform you of any unrealistic expectations ahead of time so that you aren’t left hanging.  

Start With Small Changes

It isn’t a good idea to schedule a complete restyle at a new salon without testing out the salon or hair stylist first.


Before visiting for a big and important makeover, check out other services offered such as how they blow-dry and shampoo hair. You can also learn a lot just by asking for a simple trim!


This is also an incredible way to check out their vibe. Do they keep you waiting? Is the experience try-again worthy?

Ask the Right Questions

Having years of experience isn’t everything. This shouldn’t faze women trying a new hair stylist or salon. We see credentials hanging on the wall of our family doctor’s office—seeing credentials can offer peace and comfort. However, it’s not necessary here. So, what should your first question be? How many years have you spent cutting hair? This is another valid question but totally useless when it comes to determining capability.


Simply put, a hair stylist should be able to stay abreast with the trends in hair styling. A good hairstylist keeps on adding to her/his bank of knowledge with new technologies and techniques.


Ask Natomy Beauty anything in regards to hair care and styling! You won’t be disappointed.

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