Hair Color and Its Categories – Choosing The Best One (Part One)

Changing your hair color from boring brown to vibrant and sexy red is never as simple as a “point and choose”.

There will be confusion and lots of uncertainty. You will even try to imagine how a particular hair color will look on you, which is an inaccurate measure at best.

We’ve all heard horror stories from friends, relatives, and even been on the receiving end of a dye-job gone wrong. So, is hair color selection really as difficult? The answer: yes—only if you don’t consider the following.

  • Your hair color’s pigmentation and tone
  • Your skin’s undertone
  • Your age
  • Your eye color

Next, people must consider duration of their hair color. Some types fade faster; while others take their time.

Temporary Colors

These are applied all over hair shaft, with a thin color pigment coating. Temporary hair colors last only till the next shampoo so why would you even consider this?

Temporary hair color consists of a larger dye molecule which coats only surface of the hair. The color doesn’t penetrate deeply into the cuticle. Additionally, this color category doesn’t involve harsh chemicals in the process, meaning you can switch and play with different colors without worrying about hair damage.


  • Tone down over lightened hair
  • Restore faded hair
  • Add color to hair
  • Neutralize yellow cast in grey or white hair
  • Easy to use at home

Semi/Demi Permanent Color

These hair colors are self-penetrating and don’t contain toxic ingredients like ammonia and peroxide. This category of hair color is ideal for first-time users who want to experiment with a different shade of their hair color.

Use a shade closest to your natural hair color so there is minimal hair re-growth area, even if you stop coloring hair.



  • Fully or partially covers gray hair
  • Highlights or intensifies natural hair color
  • Doesn’t lighten hair

Permanent Color

This category of hair color essentially uses penetrating tints that contain ammonia and peroxide. Tint, hi-lift tints and lighteners (also called bleachers) fall under permanent color category. First-time users can have this color applied all over their hair. Touch-up of a permanent hair color is done from the root area.   


  • Fades minimally on hair shaft
  • Covers gray hair well
  • Leaves hair looking more or less one solid hair color
  • Lightens natural hair but only a few shades lighter

Just as there are many colors in this world, there are numerous ideas and processes to use that color for hair styling. In the end, all you have to follow is a thorough color protecting and anti hair damage treatment. Natomy Beauty can help here.


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