Hair Color to ‘Dye’ for This Fall and Winter 2015/16

Lebanese-American poet and author Khalil Gibran said, “Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair.” What a sensuous thing it is to have the wind play with our gorgeous, shining hair!

When our hair becomes dull and lackluster, we often turn to hair coloring to give it that glow we love. We dye our hair for a variety of reasons:
  • When the wind plays with our hair, we don’t want it to expose the gray that shows we are aging. 
  • We just want to have hair that is exciting in color and texture. 
  • We are tired of our ‘summer hair’ and want fall and winter colors.
  • We need to ramp up the look because our hair has seen too much chlorine from the pool and bleach from the sun. 
  • Our hair has become dull and dry and we want that shiny, luxurious look back.

What is IN and what is HOT in fall and winter colors for hair

Most expert hair colorists do not recommend a complete change of hue for fall and winter, but they do recommend that we brighten our look with one of the hot new fall colors and trends. This fall’s coloring choices show a return to full highlights, chestnut browns to Icy queen blondes. so why not try...

Coloring tricks to make your hair look more exciting this fall and winter:

  1. Adding understated highlights to the ends of your hair and lowlights to the roots will give you casually multi-tonal hair.
  2. Letting your roots show (unless they are gray) brings forth an exciting new look.
  3. Put in full highlights, allowing the thinnest of highlights in a shade level brighter than the color of your hair to weave throughout your tresses will give you a polished, full-dimensional look.
  4. Dark highlights, with warm brown highlights in black or very dark brown hair, sprinkled along the low half of the cut create an exciting winter look.
  5. Adding soft highlights to any color will brighten it up for winter.
  6. Create a wildly warm look with a dark base and caramel blonde throughout the rest of the hair.
  7. And for the very daring, add a bit of bright color near the top at the crown, and frame the face on a dark base of hair (bright blue is a very daring choice).
  8. Highlight select curls for a fun look, with either subtle lightening or bold and outrageous contrasts.

New fall colors

Bronde Bronde
Not sure whether you want to be blonde or brunette? Try Bronde, a combination of blonde and brunette that blends light brown with buttery yellow and golden shades.

Rusted Copper Rusted Copper
This shade blends soft auburns and bright copper to enhance the look of tan / brown clothing accessories.

Rich ChocolateRich Chocolate
Deep mahogany is a sexy, edgy, slightly mysterious upgrade to brown hair that would tempt any chocolate lover.

Chestnut Crush
This color begins with a warm chestnut base color and adds painted highlights of honey and caramel.

Radical RedsRadical Reds
Dimensional striations of red hues, from burgundy segueing into the more intense reds make this a hot color choice for redheads this fall and winter.

Ice QueenIce Queen Icy, almost white shades of blonde make this an exciting choice for blondes this winter.
 Soft and Subtle HoneySoft and Subtle Honey This look begins with a honey-colored base that alternates warm and cool tones and finishes off with delicately placed highlights.
 Brilliant BalayageBrilliant Balayage Delicate hand-painted highlights using warm and cool tones of blonde make this an outstanding look.
After you color your hair.
Even with the gentlest of hair coloring agents, hair can become dry and brittle. Aftercare when you color your hair is vitally important; that’s why Natomy Beauty offers a wonderful line of hair care products for color treated hair that are paraben-free, sulfate free, and ever so nourishing.
Natomy’s Color Treatment line is the perfect complement to your natural hair dye and is just what you need to look gorgeous when the winds play with your hair.

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