6 Things that are making your hair frizzy






 1. Shower Routine

Extra hot and long showers can strip your hair of natural oils, making them dull and frizzy.

2. Not Brushing Your Hair Before Washing
If you do not entangle your hair before stepping in the shower, then the shampoo will distribute unevenly.
Brushing hair before washing Is necessary to pull natural oils through to hydrate the hair.

3. Not using Enough Hair-Care Products
Dryness is typically what causes frizz. So, if you are not using enough hair care products to keep your hair hydrated, you may become a victim of dry, coarse and frizzy hair.

4. Lack Of Moisture
Frizzy hair lacks moisture! Smoothing serums & leave-in conditioning treatments work well to keep the frizz away.
Natomy Beauty provides a complete range of hair care products to treat your frizzy hair.

5.Excessive Chemicals
Over-processed chemicals, such as high-lift dye or bleach can damage the cuticles.

6. Flat Iron
Extreme heat exposure is a frizz-maker!
Try to minimize the usage of flat iron and use Natomy Products to protect your hair.


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