Change Your Look by Highlighting Your Hair

When you decide to highlight your hair, you have some exciting stylistic choices. Highlighting produces strands of hair on top of your hair that are lighter than the base of your hair, creating an exciting look that can revitalize your image, and even disguise gray hair. The lighter colors help to give your hair depth and volume, for a sexy, eye-catching look appropriate for all seasons.

Making the decision to highlight your hair

There are four major decisions to make when deciding to highlight your hair:

  • Determine what you want the thickness of your highlights to be, as this can vary with the techniques used. For a bold look, go for thick, chunky highlights. For a more refined, natural look, ask for fine, layered streaks of highlighted hair.
  • The level of lightening you want, from just a shade lighter, to a bright, vivid blonde.
  • The tone of your highlights – would you suit a warm, honey blonde, or a cool, frosted tone?
  • The technique you want used to create your highlights.

You will also want to find a stylist whose work displays his or her artistic talent, and who has a lot of experience in the technique you have chosen. Once you find this artist, you will decide together which technique is best for achieving the look you want. The type of hair you have, and how light you want to go, will also factor into your decision.

Choosing the technique the stylist uses for highlighting your hair

  • Foil highlighting
  • This technique offers a very balanced look in highlighting. It involves taking strands of hair, painting them with a lightening treatment, and then wrapping them in foil to keep the lightening treatment moist, and away from the surrounding hair.

    Foil highlighting offers a more all-over, controlled, and precise blonde look. The results of this highlighting technique blend well with your natural hair. In this technique, the stylist knows exactly where the color is going and the shade that will result from its placement.

  • Balayage and Ombre
  • Do you want a natural, sun-kissed look? Balayage and ombre, the latest fashion color trends and techniques of hair coloring, can help you achieve a casual, beachy style without having to fry and sizzle under the hot sun.

    If you choose balayage, a highlighting color that suits your skin tone and lights up your features will be applied on the surface of the hair. The balayage technique allows the stylist to apply color selectively to very small strands of hair, or to certain parts of those strands. The look this coloring technique creates can be dramatic or subtle, depending on your preference. It can be used to create highlights just around the face, or all throughout your hair.

    When the balayage technique is begun further down the hair, rather than at the crown, it is referred to as the ombre technique. The balayage and ombre techniques are less damaging to the hair than the foil technique, but both still need aftercare. Things to think about before choosing balayage or ombre are:

    • If you like the look of “grown out roots”, then the ombre technique is for you.
    • If you want a low maintenance style, balayage is the right choice.

    Taking care of colored hair

    The best way to keep your highlighted (or low lighted) hair looking great is to use hair products that are gentle and promote good hair health, like Natomy tm by Theodore Perry. Their wonderfully natural products will have your hair looking as healthy as a child’s:

    • Their Moisture Care Shampoo offers protection for color treated hair that is flat, fine, or dry.
    • The Natural Calm Shampoo is great for colored hair that tends to be frizzy.
    • Their Express Treatment can be used as a conditioner for colored hair, or as a leave-in styling aid.
    • Natomy’stm Smoothing Serum conditions, smooths, moisturizes, and strengthens your hair, and also gives it a sassy, polished glow, perfect for a night on the town.
    Whatever highlighting technique you choose, you can enjoy the results better when your hair looks healthy, and has that natural radiance to it that Natomy’stm products offer.

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