Damage Control 101: How to Repair Damaged Hair

We have all been there, staring in the bathroom mirror and seeing only a headful of dry, damaged, frizzy, or otherwise unmanageable hair. Bad hair days are one thing, but consistently unruly or damaged hair needs prompt TLC. Thankfully, your hair can be replenished, nourished, repaired, and protected by following these quick tips:

Identify the Problem
Do you experience weather-related frizz and dryness, or does your naturally curly hair seem genetically designed to resist being styled every morning? Chemical processing can make your hair dry and brittle, so are you using the right products for your color treated hair? If you find yourself continually searching for dry hair remedies, it is important to uncover the root of the damaged hair problem so that you can properly treat it.

If your dry hair seems seasonal, consider using a couple of humidifiers around your home. Drink plenty of water and consider taking hair-healthy vitamins such as B5 and E to help your hair grow longer and stronger. If your curly hair is forever unmanageable, however, perhaps you have not found the right beauty products. The five main Natomy Beauty hair treatment solution systems are designed to meet your hair’s needs. In addition to natural calming shampoos and deep conditioners, other products include balms, serums, and creams. Each product line targets a specific problem for treatment and repair, including frizzy or flat hair.

Trim Split Ends
Quick: grab a small handful of your hair and examine it for split ends. Even one is too many, because it can be a warning sign that your hair is not as healthy as it should be. Split ends drastically weaken your hair, making it much more prone to breakage. This explains for us why it is so important to get regular haircuts or trims even if you arecurrentlygrowing your hair out. You can perform minor maintenance by yourself, but a professional trim every so often will help your hair grow out evenly and make it easier to manage.

Find A Great Moisturizer
Most of the damage that occurs to our hair is because it is too dry. Dry hair can quickly become brittle and weak, making it dull, rough textured, and prone to breakage. Dryness commonly occurs due to heat styling damage, weather-related frizz, harsh shampoos, and color treatments. Learning how to repair damaged hair is as simple as finding the right moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. You can enhance these with other specialized products such as balms and creams.

All of the high-quality product lines from Natomy Beauty include jojoba oil, a naturally derived ingredient that works to nourish, repair, and protect your hair from the inside out. The molecular structure of jojoba oil is closely related to sebum, the oil produced naturally by your scalp. This makes jojoba oil one of the best dry hair remedies because it will not interfere with your scalp’s natural balance. It can nourish and repair your hair without stripping the sebum or leaving behind any greasy residue. Other natural ingredients infused in our products include chamomile, lavender, ginseng, and rosemary.

Go Beyond Shampooing and Conditioning
Shampoos and conditioners can work wonders, but you should also invest in other specialty products specifically designed for your hair’s needs. Thankfully, many product lines, such as the Natomy Beauty treatment solution systems, will include a shampoo, conditioner, and some sort of nourishing serum or cream.These treatment solutions are designed for your hair’s specific needs, intended for use on colored, frizzy, flat, damaged, or curly. In addition to a regular moisturizing shampoo and a deep or leave-in conditioner, consider using a nourishing styling cream, soothing balm, glossing balm, or smoothing serum.

Smoothing balms and serums, in particular, will help to repair and protect your hair cuticles and follicles. Healthy cuticles lie flat, resulting in a smooth, soft texture. Specialty moisturizing products, particularly those infused with jojoba oil, can help fill and repair any cracks in your hair’s cuticles while nourishing the rest of the strands.If your hair is dry or damaged, Natomy Beauty has the treatment and repair solution you need.

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