The Results Are In: 5 Benefits of Using Jojoba Oil for Hair

Are you still searching for dry hair remedies? Does your current shampoo weigh your hair down or leave behind unwanted residue? Is your hair damaged, brittle, or prone to breakage? Consider using a hair care product line infused with jojoba oil, a naturally occurring ingredient that will repair and rejuvenate your hair. Here are five of the countless benefits of using jojoba oil for hair:
1. Naturally Derived
Jojoba oil is a derivative of the seeds of the shrub-like jojoba plant, which is native to some parts of the southwest United States as well as northwest Mexico. Unprocessed jojoba oil is golden colored and has a nutty scent. Its molecular structure is advanced and similar to the sebum, or oil, that is naturally produced by our scalps. Many shampoos on the market strip your hair of these natural oils, but using jojoba oil for hairwill not disrupt your scalp’s natural balance. Despite its name, jojoba oil will also not make your hair feel oily or greasy. The oil is perfectly balanced and can be used anywhere on your skin, nails, or hair.

2. Gently Cleanses and Moisturizes
All of the product lines developed and sold by Natomy Beauty include jojoba oil because of its unique properties and numerous benefits. Our products contain no harsh cleansing chemicals that could strip your hair or leave behind unwanted residue. Instead, the inclusion of jojoba oil and other natural ingredients will give you soft, shiny hair. The soothing compound can also treat numerous dry scalp problems including dandruff.Jojoba oil can be found in many cosmetic and beauty products including facial cleansers, body moisturizers, and smoothing hair balms. Thanks to its balanced molecular structure, jojoba oil is also good for use as lip balm and cuticle oil. Our Natomy Beauty hair treatment solution systems include other natural ingredients such as chamomile, vitamins B5 and E, ginseng, and lavender.
3. Works from the Inside Out
Jojoba oil is primarily composed of monounsaturated fats, which allows it to penetrate your hair follicles. By working from the inside out, the oil is able to help nourish, repair, replenish, and protect your hair without stripping any natural oils or leaving behind weighty or overly-oily residue.Moisturizing shampoos and conditioners are meant to be extremely nourishing, but those that contain jojoba oil will especially help repair and strengthen your hair. It can fill in the cracks, so to speak, of damaged hair and cuticles, giving you an overall smoother texture that is much less prone to frizz.

4. Repairs and Protects
Moisturizing shampoos and conditions that contain jojoba oil are some of the best dry hair remedies available. Most damage occurs when your hair is too dry, so the extremely hydrating nature of jojoba oil is the perfect antidote. Jojoba oil can help repair hair that has been damaged by heat styling, or which is prone to weather-related dryness or brittleness. If you regularly use a hair dryer, straightener, or curling iron, take steps to product your hair before and after styling. Use a high-quality nourishing shampoo, a deep conditioner, and heat-protecting serums or balms.Natomy Beauty offers five distinct treatment and repair hair care lines designed for your specific needs: multi-step treatment solutions for colored, damaged, flat, frizzy, and curly hair. 

5. Boosts Body and Volume
If your hair is fine and tends to fall flat, you have probably already tried countless products. Have any of them truly worked? Heavy chemicals and products can weigh down hair, but your hair can also fall due to excessive dryness. The best volumizing shampoo for your hair should cleanse gently without leaving behind any residue. Products infused with jojoba oil are known to have volumizing characteristics thanks to the oil’s light, natural formula. It is ideal for use on fine or thinning hair, because it adds body to each strand. Your resulting soft, shiny hair will instantly have more life and volume. In the long run, healthy hair looks better, is stronger, and will grow more quickly. Consider using a hair care product that contains jojoba oil, and see how it can help your hair.

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