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October. 21. 2015
My Hair is Color Treated - I want better control !
Your hair’s cuticle is the outermost part of each individual hair. It is hard and resembles the shingles on a roof, with cells that overlap and range from 5 to 12 in depth. It gives your hair shaft strength, protects it, and controls the moisture content in your hair.
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September. 28. 2015
Hair Color to ‘Dye’ for This Fall and Winter 2015/16
This fall’s coloring choices show a return to full highlights, chestnut browns to Icy queen blondes. so why not try...
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August. 30. 2015
Change Your Look by Highlighting Your Hair
When the balayage technique is begun further down the hair, rather than at the crown, it is referred to as the ombre technique. The balayage and ombre techniques are less damaging to the hair than the foil technique, but both still need aftercare. 
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About Natomy

Natomy™ is an exclusive professional hair care product line developed by master product inventor and stylist extraordinaire Theodore Perry. Natomy offers its hair care products to salons and select boutique outlets nationwide. Originally developed in the salon for exclusive salon use, Natomy has been a closely kept secret of leading stylists across the nation for many years. Now, after strong demand, Natomy is available for purchase directly so that you can achieve amazing hair care results at home every day. 

Healthy hair is beautiful hair, and that is what Natomy is all about.


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