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Latest Articles

October. 10. 2016
Everyday Habits That Are Ruining Your Hair Health

So we’re all aware of the more common habits that can destroy the glorious beauty of our hair.

Poor diet; too-hot styling tools; brushing when they’re wet; even using the wrong conditioner and shampoo—these are just some of the harmful habits that can ruin your hair.

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October. 07. 2016
You Are What You Eat, But What Does Your Hair Say?

Let’s just delve into the science of it all for a moment.

Because our hair receives the same nutrients as the rest of our body, it’s safe to say that the type of food we eat reflects in our hair.


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September. 30. 2016
The Myth of Rotating Your Shampoo Formula

You may have heard of this myth, and have even used it to your advantage to try out a new shampoo. Yes, we’re talking about the ol’ switching the shampoo bit, for stunning hair.

According to experts, switching your shampoo allows your hair to become revitalized. This is because your hair gets accustomed – and thus grows immune – to the shampoo you usually use.

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About Natomy

Natomy™ is an exclusive professional hair care product line developed by master product inventor and stylist extraordinaire Theodore Perry. Natomy offers its hair care products to salons and select boutique outlets nationwide. Originally developed in the salon for exclusive salon use, Natomy has been a closely kept secret of leading stylists across the nation for many years. Now, after strong demand, Natomy is available for purchase directly so that you can achieve amazing hair care results at home every day. 

Healthy hair is beautiful hair, and that is what Natomy is all about.

Cleanse, Treat, And Style Your Hair The Right Way!

Natomy brings you a range of hair care products created with an exclusive blend of technologies and hair-friendly ingredients. Everything you need to pamper your tresses is available right here! We only carry gently, effective and high-performing hair care formulas available for a variety of hair types and needs. Discover and explore our range of hair products that complement any hair care routine. Select the product perfect for your needs, and place your order with us today! Your hair will thank you for it!


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