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December. 15. 2014
What’s in a Name: Exploring the Essence of the Natomy Beauty Brand

Is the recent winter weather causing extra dryness and frizz, or has heat styling wreaked havoc on your locks? Are you afraid that coloring your hair has done irreparable damage, or that your flat, fine hair will never have the body and volume you want? Alternatively, are your curls out of control? If you are tired of trying various hair care products without seeing the results you want, give Natomy Beauty a chance. Our products are specifically designed with your individual needs in mind, and we offer the very best in treatment and repair solutions. Browse our product lines, look at the ingredients lists, and consider how Natomy Beauty can change your outlook on hair care.

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November. 19. 2014
Damage Control 101: How to Repair Damaged Hair
We have all been there, staring in the bathroom mirror and seeing only a headful of dry, damaged, frizzy, or otherwise unmanageable hair. Bad hair days are one thing, but consistently unruly or damaged hair needs prompt TLC. Thankfully, your hair can be replenished, nourished, repaired, and protected by following these quick tips:
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November. 16. 2014
4 Steps to Having Sleek, Shiny Hair
Your hair should have its own natural sheen and shine, which is a direct reflection of its health and vitality. If your hair seems to be lacking its usual luster, it may be time to reconsider your go-to shampoo and styling products. Thankfully, a little TLC can go a long way. Here are four steps to having beautiful shiny hair:
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About Natomy

Natomy™ is an exclusive professional hair care product line developed by master product inventor and stylist extraordinaire Theodore Perry. Natomy offers its hair care products to salons and select boutique outlets nationwide. Originally developed in the salon for exclusive salon use, Natomy has been a closely kept secret of leading stylists across the nation for many years. Now, after strong demand, Natomy is available for purchase directly so that you can achieve amazing hair care results at home every day. 

Healthy hair is beautiful hair, and that is what Natomy is all about.


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